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Michael Calk’s Communication Skills

· General Manager,Lubrication Expert

Michael Calk has excellent communication skills. He has developed them during his career while working with many different types of people. He has experience communicating about everything from workplace dangers to strategies to educate others on his team.

As a consultant for so many years, he has found it is important to clearly communicate with his teammates and coworkers on a regular basis. Consulting projects require working with others to develop solutions and compromises on projects. Michael Calk has developed a system to explain all of the needed information to the companies with which he works.

Michael Calk

He often uses his communication skills to coordinate different groups of people, helping them come together to work on projects. Without these communication and organizational skills, the companies would not be able to put together the proper presentations.

Not only is communication important in his business life, but also in his personal life. As a busy professional, he works hard to make sure he is relaying the messages to those around him and keeps the lines of communication open at all times. He volunteers with his sons and their Boy Scout packs, modeling effective communication skills to the boys in his group. Michael Calk hopes they will become effective communicators in the future, as well.

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